The Rising Ku

The Rising Ku's primary mission is to support education in the isolated and remote region of Upper Dolpa in the Village of  Kugaon.

Our objectives includes providing aids and resources for the school operation, as well as fighting for the rights of children and women, to provide them friendly environment. Also to hope to establish some infrastructure projects such as a: A nutrition food program; Primary health care projects;  A sanitation project; and also a solar system, in the coming years.

We believe such projects highly contribute to provide the children a quality education for all the needy children.

Help for Ku Village School, Upper Dolpo, Nepal

About the Rising Ku

The Rising Ku is a non-profit organisation, working closely on the welfare of children in Ku's school to identify their needs and wants in order to develop socially, economically and environmentally though solution. The term, 'The Rising Ku' refers, let grow up and shine as Sun". This organisation is registered under the provisional law of Government of Nepal with the primary mission to support project activities like education for children, rights of child and women, basics health care facilities, sanitation and environmental conservation etc. Mr. Pema Tsering Gurung took over the responsibility of executing the school with the available financial limitation overseeing the bright future of these enthusiasm children of Ku from 2017 onwards. And now with The Rising Ku, new project approaches and It's its new team, the project oversees for greater prospects.

Pema's Proposal

Sometimes someone will change your life as suddenly as my life was changed…

My name is Pema Tsering Gurung and I was born in a very remote village near the Tibetan border in Upper Dolpa, Nepal in a village called Kuwa. I left my family when I was about 7 years old and went looking for an education in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. I was such a young child at that time that I did not know where I was going!

I was admitted in to the Snowland Ranag orphanage school where I completed my lower secondary schooling. I realize now that I was very lucky to get the opportunity to go to school, because most people then, and even now, are not able to go to school. I am very thankful to my parents, the school and Igwr Nepal who helped me to be who I am today. I later graduated from Islington College higher secondary school.

In the last year, I decided to get a Bachelor's degree and move forward with my studies. Suddenly, one teacher got sick and was not able to teach the children in Ku village. The villagers requested me to teach there. This was a big dilemma for me: should I pursue my studies or go back to my village to teach? I thought a lot about it and asked my friends for advice. They gave me different answers, depending on their own opinions.

Because I was native from Ku, I thought that I had to go because I have a big responsibility and a lot of hope rested in me at the village. Maybe, I was a person who could help them? I also felt that I would gain an education through my experience as a teacher in Ku. All these thoughts were on my mind last year. In the end, I decided to go back to my village as a local volunteer teacher.

It took ten days trekking to reach Ku from Kathmandu. This was not easy! I fell in love with the children immediately when I started teaching! I find them amazing, friendly, respectful and really cooperative. I started to enjoy every lesson I taught these children and spent most of my time with them. One of the things I noticed about these children was their enthusiasm and energy for everything we were doing.

However, it was a bit hard for the teachers because we did not have enough educational resources such as textbooks, notebooks, pencils, food and clothes. Beside teaching, we have to cook for ourselves and the students during the day. It made for tough scheduling. We have very limited resources and not enough classrooms. One class had to be taught outside. There were a lot of difficulties but I did not really notice them because the children had already won my heart! In return, we were patient and positive in everything we did.

After some months, it was time for me to leave my village and return to Kathmandu in search of some opportunities for the school. I wanted to find a way to provide them food, shelter, clothes and mostly a better education.

When the day came for me to leave, all the children surrounded me and one of them was on my lap and began to ask: "Pema, sir, are you coming back next year or not?" Honestly, this question brought me to tears. Teary eyed I replied that I would come back the next year and would bring them many books, notebooks, pencils and school uniforms. Enough for every one of them. That really made them happy!

After six months of teaching in my village, I reached Kathmandu with various projects in mind and hope for my students. Now I have sacrificed everything for the happiness of these children and I want to give them a new life. I feel like we are made for each others happiness. I want to see them happy and always remain in happiness as other children have. My every dedication will be there for the future of these children in Ku village. These children have become like a shadow of my body.

Now, I made it my mission in life to take care of these children. With the greatest dream of giving these children a bright future. To give these children a chance for a better future. This is the reason why I started the "The Rising Ku" The mission of this project is to protect and provide for these children by meeting their basic needs.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

I am passionate about helping every child in my region to make them independent so that they can achieve their dreams. I believe that every child in the world deserves equal rights to go to school and have the opportunity to access education.

The last 3 years of my life, I have had the most amazing experience of working with the kids in my area. I have been privileged to play the role of their parent in order to help them achieve their goals. I am looking forward also to this opportunity to be their parent, so I can start watching them achieve their dreams one day.

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